Navy Base has Multicultural Diversity Day

The Navy is made up of all different backgrounds and cultures and that diversity is a reason to celebrate.
Multicultural Diversity Day was a chance for naval personnel and family members to learn about each other’s different heritages.
The Naval Construction Battalion Center hosted a multicultural fair in Gulfport this morning. The fair had cultural dishes to sample, demonstrations, games, prizes and was a chance to learn about different diversities that make up the Navy. Petty Officer Dolicia Hoskins said, “In the Navy, it’s so many of us come from so many different places. Why not do it at a fair where everyone can come see everybody’s different booths and we have a game on the other booth with flags and food. It’s just a good opportunity for people to celebrate each other’s differences and get education and information.”
The president of the Diversity Committee says the base gets together every month to celebrate a different culture.

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