Nativity Scene to Stay Put at County Courthouse

It was standing room only at Monday’s Harrison County Board of Supervisors meeting, as residents stepped and spoke out against the American Humanist Association’s demand that the County remove the Christmas nativity scene at the Harrison County Courthouse. Residents urged supervisors to disregard the D.C.-based group’s threat to sue.


Argile Smith, of Parkway Baptist Church, was one of the residents. “We hold dearly to the gospel of Jesus Christ, that He lived, died and rose again – that we may have eternal life. So, it’s important for us to make sure that the presentation fo the gospel and the presence of Jesus and the Bethlehem scene is allowed to be seen everywhere.”


Now that it has decided, the board will now submit a response to the AHA, hoping it will drop its threat to sue. Board attorney, Tim Holleman, says this type of case is not new for the AHA, referring to a similar case in Baxter County, Arkansas, in which county officials stood their ground as well.


So, for now, this nativity scene isn’t going anywhere. Supervisors say their decision is not meant to cause trouble, but rather to continue a tradition that’s been going on for years.


I think that nativity scene has been in the courthouse, both courthouses for I know for 16 years. We  respect all religions and if our employees that we care about so much want to display their religion,  whatever it may be, then we’re all for that,” says Connie Rocko, Harrison County Board President.

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