Nativity BVM Elementary Celebrates the Pope’s U.S. Trip

We bet you thought the pope was in Washington, D.C. He was actually here on the Coast this morning, well his body double was anyway. News 25’s Katarina Luketich shows us how Nativity BVM Elementary School in Biloxi celebrated the pope’s arrival to the United States.
This morning, onlookers cheered as Pope Francis of Nativity BVM made his way around the track in his motorcade, guarded by Secret Service. This was a little taste of what the pope is doing on his trip to the United States. Layla Dubra, Secret Service member to the ‘pope’, said, “It was a piece of what it would be like in Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and New York.”
The staff at the Catholic school believes letting the kids dress up and really take a hands-on approach will help the students grasp just how historic this visit is. Sister Mary Jo Mike, principal at Nativity BVM, said, “I think it really helps the children to understand really what all of this is about. How important our faith is, no matter what our faith might be, to share the love of God with others, just as the pope is doing as he visits around the world.”
And sixth grade ‘pope junior’ Ty Miller had a great time playing the role of the world’s most influential Catholic. “I was famous. Now, I became popular to the school.”
After their parade outside, the kids joined inside for a moment of prayer for Pope Francis’ well-being while he’s here. They ended the morning with a song. “We ended with ‘This Little Light of Mine’ because he certainly brings light and happiness and joy wherever he goes,” said Sister Mary Jo Mike.

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