National Travel And Tourism Week

This week is national travel and tourism week and visit Mississippi Gulf Coast wants to celebrate the ones that make it all possible.

Tourism leaders want to highlight the many people behind the coast tourism industry that keep it strong and continuously growing.

In total, the coast employs about 30 thousand people to keep our tourism industry churning.

Those employees helped the coast rake in 1 point 9 billion dollars in 2016 spent by visitors.

While there’s thousands that make it possible, visit Mississippi Gulf Coast selected 50 faces of travel that go above and beyond the call of duty.

“We’re the Hospitality State. We need to share that as much as possible with the traveler. The traveler gets to choose where he or she gets to travel everyday. The more we can encourage them to choose the coast, the better it is. So from their first visit, their first experience to the last one leaving the coast and you want to always be positive.”
– Renee Areng, Executive Director Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast

For the full video of all the 50 faces of travel check out “Visit Mississippi Gulf Coast’s” channel on youtube.

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