National Elementary Honor Society

Scholarship responsibility, service, leadership these are the four pillars newly inducted members of the National Elementary Honor Society at Popps Ferry Elementary vow to live by. This morning 16 new members were inducted to this prestigious group. In order to be eligible student must have retained a 90% grade point average. School officials tell News 25 this is a way to encourage and reward academic excellence. Dr. Todd Boucher tells News 25, “When I first got to Popps Ferry Elementary we didn’t have any programs that recognized student achievement and it’s very important that we do so, so that the younger students in the lower grades have somebody to look up to and role models that will lead the way for them.” Johnthan Brookman tells News 25, “When I was selected it was a pretty big deal to me because I helps you be around more kids like you where you get good ideas, you can build a garden for your school, or you can help do a book drive like we did last year.” This is the second ever class of the National Elementary Honor Society at Popps Ferry.

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