National Electrical Safety Month

As Electrical Safety Month continues, Mississippi Power has more tips when dealing with electricity, especially as hurricane season fast approaches.

If the lights do go out during a storm, contact Mississippi Power or your power provider to report the outage as soon as possible.

Of course, if you see a downed power line following a storm, stay clear of the line and let the professionals work on grounding the line.

Officials say staying storm ready is a year-round process for them and they’re ready to take action if severe weather strikes. Mississippi Power Safety and Training Specialist Mike Barnes said, “When we know there’s a storm approaching, and even days that we don’t know that a storm’s approaching, we’re always constantly getting these trucks ready, making sure that they’re fully stocked, we make sure that our equipment and our warehouse is stocked full of the equipment that we’ll need to keep the lights on.”

More safety tips can be found at

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