Nate damage postpones reopening of Ocean Springs bait shop

Waterfront businesses are struggling to reopen after Hurricane Nate ripped through the Coast Saturday night. Even though Ocean Springs Marine Mart moved its entire shop to higher ground, the business still wasn’t able to escape the storm’s wrath.
News 25’s Gina Tomlinson has our report from Jackson County.
Owner of Marine Mart Kenny Dinero is working hard to re-open his bait shop and even though he prepared his business before Hurricane Nate hit Jackson County, the beating Ocean Springs Harbor took from the storm was a little stronger than expected. “I think it’s probably worse than what they said originally. I lost a lot of electrical. It’s going to take me a while before I get it all fixed up.”
Marine Mart usually sits right on the water. Before the storm, crews took everything and moved it all the way up here and Jackson County crews say they still have some repairing to do from the category one storm. Patrick Ward with Jackson County Recreation said, “Just cleaning up and trying to maintain the piers for the public. We had debris everywhere. The piers were filled all the way down with debris, logs, and a lot of driftwood.”
Hurricane Nate tore up piers along Front Beach in Ocean Springs. Jackson County crews have been out since Monday making repairs. “Think people, just because it was a category one, didn’t realize the damage it was going to do,” said Ward.
Nate was Ocean Springs Marine Mart’s first major storm. Electrical wiring and erosion are delaying business for the bait shop. Dinero tells News 25 if the shop wasn’t moved uphill before the storm, things could have been worse. “Everything else would have been destroyed. All my tanks, my gas pump, I mean everything else would have been totaled. I had to do what I had to do. Now, it’s just putting everything back together.”
Dinero plans to have Marine Mart open by next weekend. Until then, he’s trying to look at the bright side. “I think the storm surge was higher than they originally said, but it’s a lot better than it could have been.”

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