NASA Stennis Space Center holds State of the Union

Business leaders met in Poplarville today to discuss the future of Stennis.

The 11th annual NASA Stennis Space Center Director’s Briefing was held at Pearl River Community College. The briefing was open to the public and featured speakers from the Stennis Space Center, Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command, and the Michoud Assembly Facility.

It’s a part of NASA’s outreach program demonstrating ways the agency works with the community.

Some of the topics discussed at the briefing included a timeline of future missions, job opportunities, and areas for growth. Michoud Assembly Facility Director Lonnie Dutriex said, “We’re getting ready in 24 to launch Artemis III, which will be the first crewed mission. What the future looks like, right, for the next generation, Artemis II, IV, and V and on to when we go to the moon, actually put boots on the moon. We actually start to live on the moon and on to Mars. So, very exciting future.”

Technical Director of Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Jennifer Hailes said, “For us, it’s really reaching out to the young people for them to understand there’s an opportunity to come and work for the Navy. You don’t have to wear a uniform. For naval meteorology and oceanography, 50 percent of our work force is civilian.”

Relativity Space, who is also located at the NASA Stennis Space Center, is looking to hire 600 people in the near future.

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