Name change in progress for Jefferson Davis Elementary

A new name is in the works for Jefferson Davis Elementary in Biloxi.

The Biloxi Public School Board and Superintendent Marcus Boudreaux announced the renaming process this afternoon.

Superintendent Boudreaux has surveyed Biloxi Schools staff and Jeff Davis Elementary parents, asking for their name suggestions.

Once those suggests have been gathered, they will be presented to a renaming committee. The committee will consider the proposed names and narrow it down to a smaller list of suggestions which will then be presented to the school board.

Biloxi School Board President Jim Wallis says in a statement: “This is an opportunity to ensure that every student and staff member feels welcome in his or her school. We appreciate the renaming committee members’ time and efforts to help us with this change as we move forward and continue to provide excellent education opportunities to the children of Biloxi.”

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