Nail salons practice cautious reopening

In light of the cautious reopenings throughout the country, going to a nail salon could create a great deal of concern.

“This COVID-19 is a whole new world.” It’s a world where a trip to the salon now comes with many rules and regulations. “When you come in, you’re gonna be washing your hands before you sit down. As far as even nails or hair, if you’re not feeling well and you call for your appointment we ask that you don’t come in. Reschedule until you’re feeling better. Some people are asymptomatic and don’t know. We’ve been recommended to take temperatures before they sit down just in case.”

Owner of Sugar Plum Nails and Hair Fahamivu Anthony says in preparation to welcome customers back she took every precaution. “No waiting as far as the waiting area. He also talked about social distancing and making sure we sanitized before and after each client which is also regulated by the state board. So that’s something we would have already been doing, but we’re doing that on top of the regular deep cleaning that we do, the extra deep cleaning. When you finish your service we make sure that we sanitize your chair and any tools or utensils we used.”

Many salons will have shields up separating the customer from the nail tech to ensure safety and must have an appointment to receive service. Anthony says her top priority for her employees as well as customers is safety. “We want to make sure we’re not giving anybody anything and we want to make sure no one brings anything to us, our staff, or our family members.”

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