Is the Music too Loud in Bay St. Louis?

It was a packed house at last night’s Bay St. Louis City Council meeting as a workshop got underway. Its aim was to address problems with loud music in residential areas.
This issue isn’t new. There is an ongoing battle between unhappy citizens who say they are being kept awake at night and bar owners who claim they need live music to stay in business. Attempts at a compromise have been made, but the situation is still far from being resolved.
Last night’s meeting resulted in the council forming a committee to find a solution. Councilman Doug Ward said, “In 2009, I worked on an ordinance for the City of Bay St. Louis using the Biloxi model with a specific decibel noise meter which says ‘yes this is too loud’ or ‘no, it’s not too loud.’ We will get the committee together, we’ll look at the different ordinances, come up with something that’s workable for the citizens of Bay St. Louis and the businesses. We’ll have a win-win situation.”
The committee should be formed by the council’s next meeting which will take place this Thursday.

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