MSU Fan Gets Ball Signed by NFL Legend

One Mississippi State fan left the College World Series with more than just a win.

One the second night of the tournament, Mississippi resident Josh Bounds caught a foul ball at the top of the sixth inning. Bounds says that everyone then started yelling for him to turn around and throw the ball to Bulldog Football legend Dak Prescott. Bounds tells News 25 he hesitated because he didn’t want to give up his College World Series foul ball to anyone, even Prescott.  He quickly realized that the Dallas Cowboys quarterback only wanted to sign the ball for Bounds before tossing it back to him.

“The World Series were off the charts. To be there for our first and only National Championship was pretty special. To have Dak signing the ball and all that to top it off was pretty special,” said Bounds.

Baseball Legend Rick Palmero also signed the ball for Bounds, who says he’s putting it away in a glass box before his sons start taking it out to play ball with.

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