MSDH encouraging more people to take oral antivirals for COVID-19

The state department of health is encouraging Mississippians to take advantage of available COVID treatments.

In today’s press conference, State Health Officer Dr. Thomas Dobbs said hundreds of treatments are going unused because people believe there aren’t enough available.

Dr. Dobbs said it is important people know there are a large number of oral antivirals going unused, despite the medications proving successful when taken.

There’s also a monoclonal antibody prevention treatment available for people with high-risk immune systems.

As for Mississippi’s current status, Dr. Dobbs says there’s still a long way to go. “We all know that our health systems have been battered. The staffing levels are far below what they were before the pandemic began. We’ve exhausted our health care system. The amount of care that we want to be there is just not there. Even though we’ve seen a decline in covid, it doesn’t mean our health care crisis or challenges are over.”

MSDH encourages you to look into these options and the treatment locator available on their website.

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