MS Highway Patrol speaks on holiday travel hazards

When it comes to holiday road safety, Mississippi Highway Patrol is on the lookout for impaired drivers.

During the end of any year, danger on the roadways is common. When it came to the end of 2022, this is no different.

Since the Mississippi Highway Patrol began its holiday travel period on December 30th, they have made over 139 DUI arrests throughout the state. Trooper Cal Robertson said, “It is important to us because we are a public safety. Our family also travels the roadways because we want to make the roadways safe for everyone to travel.”

While being aware of others on the road during this time is crucial, it has also been important to watch out for yourself.

Another hazard impacting drivers this holiday season has been poor weather conditions that have caused a series of rainstorms as well as heavy fog.

Since the start of the travel period, MHP has handled 28 car wrecks with 19 of them involving injuries. “A lot of those again were on Friday when the rain event moved through, we worked 15 wrecks just on Friday when the rain came through.”

As the dangerous weather continues, the patrol team gave some tips to stay safe on the road including making sure you have proper tires, avoiding usage of cruise control on wet roads, and more. “If it’s foggy, have your headlights on. Slow down so other drivers can see you. If you’re unfamiliar with your travel area, that’s when you especially need to pay attention to the roadway. Put your phone down and don’t drive distracted.”

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