MPIC rebrands title for the future as they look to provide new opportunities for inmates

The nonprofit corporation ‘Mississippi Prison Industries Corporation’ has announced its rebrand to MAGCOR Industries.

The corporation provides job training and resources to Mississippi offenders while in prison. Recently, the nonprofit developed programs offering Mississippi offenders workforce training, practical skill development, and certification opportunities.

Building upon the success of MPIC, MAGCOR Industries looks to increase its impact on the Mississippi prison population by offering enhanced opportunities while in prison and reinforcing the re-entry process for exiting offenders. MAGCOR Chief Operations Officer Derek Finley said, “We’re thrilled about our building futures model. We’ve also adapted a mantra of H.O.P.E, and it’s a nice acronym where we’re looking to Help Others Prepare for Excellence, so we really want to set a high standard.”

The nonprofit was founded in 1990 and has since offered job opportunities to thousands of inmates.

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