Motorola brings back its iconic flip-phone Razr

The ultimate throwback come to life: Motorola is bringing back its iconic flip-phone!

The much loved Razr is making a comeback as a smartphone with a foldable screen.

This new version has a full touch screen that measures 6.2 inches. Special hinges allow it to fold down and become half its size.

On the outside, a touch-enabled quick view display lets users interact with notifications so there is no need to even open the phone back up again. This new Razr also features a 16 megapixel camera with night vision. Motorola is also giving folks an all-day battery life with turbopower charging.

The company will be selling the phone exclusively through Verizon. Unlike the old version, this one also has an updated price tag.  It retails for nearly $1,500.

Pre-orders start December 26th and customers can pick up in store and online January 9th.

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