Motel residents left without shelter in Pascagoula

The sudden closure of a motel in Pascagoula left more than a dozen families scrambling to find housing.

Residents living at the Crown Inn were given short notice before the closure once the city deemed the property hazardous.

The Crown Inn, which some Coast residents have called home for years, closed this week after city officials condemned it over structural problems and code violations. The City of Pascagoula declined to give an interview but provided News 25 a written statement, saying its planning and building department uncovered conditions at 3500 14th Street that were an immediate hazard to residents.

Open Doors Homeless Coalition partnered with United Way and Church on the Rock to get families into other motel rooms Monday night. Church on the Rock Associate Pastor John Harry said, “We believe that individuals are best served not only by sharing the gospel, the message of the gospel, but by also walking it out in action.”

Open Doors Homeless Coalition Director Mary Simons said, “Our goal was to determine what their needs were, what their solutions might be, and in certain cases we are providing assistance — in other cases we were able to help people get back to family.”

Thirty families had to find new shelter due to the sudden closing of the motel in Jackson County. “About 10 immediately found somewhere else, about five determined ‘hey, we probably can do this,’ and we were able to help them. About 15 remained that we’ve had to give some type of short-term bridge shelter.”

“We here at Open Doors Homeless Coalition gather with partners across the Coast to identify people experiencing homelessness — help them move directly into housing.”

As the name implies, bridge shelter will be an intermediate step between the Crown Inn and their new homes. To protect residents, some of whom are victims of domestic abuse, their new locations were not given.

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