Moss Point’s 100 Men meeting

Tonight, a local Moss Point group dedicated to serving as mentors for the Moss Point youth met for their second meeting of the month.
“I’m trying to create leaders, to run with a vision to get our community back.” Derrick Taite, the founder of Moss Point’s 100 Men, created this group about a month ago with the vision of bringing the community together in order to provide a solid foundation for the youth. “Moss Point’s 100 Men is men that are coming together for change and in order to bring change, first you have to commit to unity and unity is power.”
During Monday night’s meeting, Moss Point’s 100 Men provided the community with several guest speakers who shared information with the audience on tools they can use to become stronger as a community. Amongst those speakers were representatives from Crime Stoppers, Job Corps, Mississippi Department of Corrections and the G.E.D Testing Service. Moss Point Mayor Mario King said, “I see the diversity. I see everything in here so this is amazing for our community. I’m thankful that we have a community member that took the opportunity to step up and get involved.”
Among those in the crowd were Moss Point residents who have experienced the crime in their city and are ready for change. Moss Point resident Gabriel Miller said, “January 18th of this year, my mother’s house was broken into and an AR-15 assault weapon was stolen from my mother’s house that belonged to me. That is when I become more aware of the problem of our misled and misguided youth and I just became more of an aware and concerned citizen at that point.”
It’s concerned citizens like Gabriel Miller that are playing an important role in making Taite’s mission come to life. “I commend him tremendously. There has to be a start and I think he has put a good foot forward.”

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