One Moss Point teacher is going viral online, after she shared her black history month themed project on Facebook. News 25’s Kristen Anzuini spoke with the teacher today about her powerful message.

Jovan Bradshaw is a sixth grade math teacher at Magnolia Middle School in Moss Point. She shared a powerful history lesson with the country when a message on her classroom door went viral on Facebook.

Jovan Bradshaw, 6th grade teacher, says, “I teach math so I don’t really have a lot of time to deviate from the curriculum but whenever I can get a message out to my kids that will help them in the long run that what I try to do so this is what I came up with. ”

This powerful message has hit home for over 105,000 people on Facebook who shared the picture of Bradshaw’s door.

“The message is that I want all kids to be proud of where they come from we didnt start out as slaves we started out as kings and queens and we had a long history before slavery started and i think that people really needed to be reminded of that,” says Bradshaw.

It wasn’t just folks online who were taking notice of Bradshaw’s door; the message has inspired her students as well.

One Sixth grade student says, “Some of us should know where we come from like our culture, especially me, I know where I come from but if some students don’t know where they come from then they should get to know where they come from.”

Even though this door has made headlines across the country, doors and bulletin boards are decorated in honor of black history month across the whole Moss Point school district.

Another Moss Point High School teacher says, “Black history month is already a short month as it is and it is important to embrace the culture of black history, our culture. And to put on a display because as it is, it’s not really embraced and I just wanted to do something on my door and inspire others throughout the school and get everyone in on it at the high school.”

The staff in the Moss Point school district plans to make black history month doors a tradition…
“Yes I am 100 percent going to keep going with my door.”

In Moss Point, Kristen Anzuini, News 25.

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