Moss Point Residents React to Racist Vandalism

Some not so welcoming words were found on a Moss Point welcome sign. Police are now searching for those behind the racist vandalism.
News 25’s Kendra Turley spoke to city leaders and those who live in Moss Point about the crime.
Sondra Middleton was born and raised in Moss Point. But, today she saw something she’d never seen before: the words “KKK” and “White Power”, an unwelcome message, spray painted across the city’s welcome sign.
A message Moss Point’s mayor says is not reflective of his city or the people who live in it. “We have a diverse group of people here who are working in harmony to move this city to the next level. And that kind of activity is not condoned by anybody in this city,” Mayor Broomfield said.
Moss Point Police are hoping surveillance video will help them solve this crime, which could be a felony charge, depending on the cost of damage repairs. Police tell News 25, while it’s not being investigated as a hate crime this time, actions like this are hurtful to the entire community, but they believe, as in times past, their community will overcome.
Moss Point Chief of Police Art McClung said, “This is not indicative of us. The mayor spoke to it earlier. We are a unified community here. I just want the people to know that, continue to know that, we are here for them. They’ve always been here for us. And we’re not going to let this come between our community.”
If you have any information about this crime, you’re asked to call the Moss Point Police Department at 228-475-1711.

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