Moss Point Police Chief Suspended

The head of the Moss Point Police Department is in hot water today. Chief Art McClung is now suspended without pay after a board of aldermen vote once seeing video from a Pascagoula dash cam.
Last month it was Moss Point Chief of Police Art McClung who was the one given a ride in the back of a cop car. According to Pascagoula Chief of Police Kenny Johnson, on July 29th around 7:30 p.m., his officer stopped McClung for speeding, claiming he was caught cruising around town with speeds of over 100 miles per hour. Also claiming the chief was under the influence.
It was on Yon Avenue, a one way street that you can hear officers alleging that Chief McClung turned down on, going the wrong way before ending up on Krebs Avenue.
In a phone conversation with News 25, Chief McClung laughed at the accusations, claiming “I was stopped and I was detained, but not ticketed or arrested.”
Pascagoula Chief Johnson confirms that part, saying the officer on scene called his supervisor who called the chief and then Chief Johnson made the decision to “not pursue the matter further and in an abundance of caution, I instructed the supervisor to have one of our officers drive Chief McClung to his home.”
News 25 did speak to a Moss Point alderman who says the board did vote to suspend McClung without pay after seeing the video until a further investigation can be made.

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