Moss Point Mayoral candidate Jeramey Anderson discusses rebuilding law enforcement relationships

Right here on the Coast, city leaders have a plan to rebuild community law enforcement relationships.

America’s confidence in police is at an all-time low. According to a survey conducted by Gallup, confidence in policing fell five points in the last year to 48 percent.

Police trust has declined across the nation including here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It’s a topic that hits close to home for Democratic Moss Point mayoral candidate Representative Jeramey Anderson. “I’ve been a strong advocate for gun safety measures in the legislature. Of course, we’re going to do what we can here locally to make sure that our folks are safe.”

Anderson has a plan for stronger police and community relationships. “Getting our police force more involved in our community so that when they’re in the community they’re not seen as being there for a problem as much as they are seen as being there as a part of that particular neighborhood.”

Youth recreation is a main focus for Anderson who believes positive community activity keeps kids out of trouble.

If elected mayor, he wants to reopen parks and recreation, allowing the youth and other community members to have something positive to do.

Addressing violent crime is also on his agenda. “First addressing petty crime that we know leads to more violent crime, so we have a plan to do that. It’s in our ‘Forward Moss Point Plan.”

Anderson says he’s already working to strengthen relationships with law enforcement. “I’ve had conversations with both police chiefs. I’ve had conversations with elected officials here in the community. So, we’re already moving in directions that we’re going to be bringing to city hall.’

The runoff elections are April 27th with the general election on June 8th. Anderson faces fellow Democratic candidate Billy Knight in Tuesday’s runoff.

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