Moss Point Mayoral Candidate Debate

Moss Point mayoral candidates went head to head on key issues during a debate at the Magnolia Elks Lodge this evening.
Four of the five candidates had 15 minutes to speak on topics such as infrastructure, financial stability, and utility rates. Candidates also answered a variety of questions from the crowd, ranging from education to hurricane preparedness.
Voters tell News 25 the debate was an opportunity to get another impression of the candidates before Tuesday’s election.
Moss Point Mayor Billy Broomfield said, “Dedication. Commitment. And the love for the beautiful City of Moss Point.”
Mayoral Candidate Timothy Dubose said, “In order to survive as a town, we must empower our citizens to survive and that’s equipping them with the skills to compete and on that level I think I’m the best qualified candidate to bring that.”
Mayoral Candidate Wanda Williams said, “I’m an attorney. I’m a veteran. I’m a lot of things and I believe that I can bring my experience and training as an asset to the City of Moss Point.”
Mayoral Candidate Mario King said, “I have the education. I have the knowledge and I have the bandwidth to actually get the job done. I understand how critical it is right now that our community can no longer wait on another administration to get it right.”
John Mosely was the only candidate not in attendance this evening.

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