Moss Point mayor warns against toy weapons

Moss Point Mayor Billy Knight took to Facebook to remind parents to keep track of where their kids are and what they’re playing with.

This comes after the Moss Point Police Department received multiple calls from a neighborhood claiming that boys were shooting at each other with guns.

Upon arriving on the scene, the police learned that it was a water gun that looked identical to a real gun.

Mayor Knight and the police are worried that one day, these toys may be mistaken for the real thing. “I just want to emphasize how much we don’t want anything to happen to our kids. And we don’t want to put our police in a position where they gotta shoot some kid accidentally because they didn’t know. When you’re standing off from a distance, you don’t know whether that’s a real gun or a play gun. And so, we just want everybody to be safe.”

The children playing were escorted home and the police told their parents what happened.

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