Moss Point mayor talks about school district

Last night Moss Point Mayor Mario King went live on Facebook during a board meeting. Towards the end, the district two school board election was brought up in which time the mayor cleared up some misconceptions.
During the mayor’s live video, he addressed confusion surrounding the council’s involvement with the school board. King reminds everyone that during the 2017 legislative session, lawmakers approved Senate Bill 2463 which states elections for district two and four are set to take place in November 2018.
Mayor King ended the Facebook Live by urging the community to stop partaking in foolishness and start focusing on the children. King says that whether they like who is on the school board or not, they are serving the children and that’s the ultimate goal. “Some people think everybody is conspiring against Moss Point, but Moss Point is a strong city. You can’t do anything without Moss Point knowing. At this point, I am headstrong and I’m ready and it’s 2018. It’s a new leaf. It’s more of a positive situation. We got three days into it, let’s start off strong. Happy, positive, and great, and I think we will all be able to rejuvenate Moss Point.”
King says one of the main parts of rejuvenating Moss Point is focusing on the children and building an environment where they can thrive.

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