Moss Point mayor says he did not beat his wife

Moss Point Mayor Mario King says he did not beat his wife after domestic violence rumors sparked police involvement.
Mayor King tells News 25 the claims started from a Facebook post by a Moss Point resident. He says the post misled people to think he abused his wife. After rumors began, Mayor King received calls from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department about the situation, but deputies confirm Mayor King was never arrested.
Mayor King is in Oxford right now. News 25 spoke with him over the phone. “People really think that something was going on with me and my wife and so even though every family has problems, there’s no domestic problems going on with my wife at all. My wife has not been beat. I am not running from police. I am actually at a small town conference learning about disaster relief,” said Mayor King.
Mayor King says there are other problems his family is dealing with that have nothing to do with domestic violence.

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