Moss Point mayor rolls out literacy initiative

With the school year now well underway in Moss Point, the city is once again rolling out an initiative to benefit kids of all ages.

Are you ready to read? Well, the children of Moss Point sure are. Mayor Mario King says improving literacy has been a priority of his since he took office in 2017. The city’s Rejuvenation Center now has a reading program and summer reading programs are also in place.

Now, the city is looking to build partnerships with schools, learning communities, and community businesses to promote reading to city children. Mayor King said, “Our goal is to be able to partner with those who have access to our youth. So, it’s access to our youth through daycares, churches, our school district. We want to be able to access them and be able to aid and help in any way we can and improving literacy rates and outcomes in our community.”

Mayor King spent his day traveling to numerous schools and education facilities across the city to kick off the program. At Mary’s Little Lambs Daycare and Preschool, King read a book and played reading games to connect with the kids.“The kids did an awesome job today,” said Mayor King. “I’m so proud of our children, from the ones we read to in the school district to the daycares, all the way to the churches. These kids are absolutely amazing and it is great to be able to see kids in their natural, innocent environment.”

Teacher Doris Brown was pleased the mayor took the time to talk to her class about the importance of reading. “It’s very nice to have him come in and sit with the kids. They are learning about community helpers and he’s a community helper, so we thank him for that.”

Both teacher and mayor agree that reading is the key to success for the city’s children. “We want people to know that in Moss Point we read all the time and our goal is to continue to focus on reading throughout the year.”

“When a child, a person, a teenager, adult can read, they can go places they’ve never been.”

More information on the program and how you can help will be provided later this week on the city’s website.

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