Moss Point mayor charged with domestic violence

News 25 has learned Moss Point Mayor Mario King and his wife are both facing domestic violence and simple assault charges after an incident at their home last Thursday. In the report we have obtained from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department, Natasha King told authorities this isn’t the first time Mayor King has hit her.
Mayor King’s wife, Natasha, says Mario King punched her, according to a Jackson County Sheriff’s investigative report that was filed Friday. Mayor Mario King and his wife, Natasha King, each face a charge of simple assault and domestic violence.
According to the report, Natasha told authorities a late night argument between the two turned physical. Natasha King visited the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department the day after.
Authorities says Natasha had visible injuries and she said Mario punched her in the upper right arm during the argument. Natasha told deputies she never bit Mario, but in the report Mario had minor scratches on both arms and other parts of his body.
Yesterday, King denied all allegations of domestic violence while on the phone with News 25. “People really think that something was going on with me and my wife and so even though every family has problems, there’s no domestic problems going on with my wife at all. My wife has not been beat. I am not running from police. I am actually at a small town conference learning about disaster relief.”
Jackson County Chief Deputy John Ledbetter said, “We’re going to handle this just like we handle all other domestic situations. File a report, issue affidavits, make arrests. This particular case we weren’t called to the scene. This is a situation where one half came to our department to report the situation after the fact.”
Both Mario King and Natasha King are scheduled to appear in Jackson County Justice Court on December 11th.

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