Moss Point Launches Minority Business Initiative Program

The City of Moss Point is working to revamp its energy and water infrastructure through a new program called the Minority Business Initiative: Meet the Contractor. It’s a drive to give minority and smaller business contractors more opportunities for big city projects. Plans are underway for a $14 million project to improve Moss Point’s water and energy infrastructure.

Actual work won’t begin for a few months, but Thursday, the project’s main contractor, McNeil Rhoads, met with minority contractors in the area who will not only provide the manpower to get the project done, but will also offer some diversity. Chris McNeil, President of McNeil Rhoads, says, “It’s very important to our company, you know. A big thing in Mississippi is we like to have a diverse supplier base, not only from employees, but businesses. It’s something that’s important for not only the City of Moss Point, it’s important for our company and important to move the State of Mississippi forward in the future.”

The event was also geared toward helping contractors just getting into the business. Companies like the Southern Mississippi Planning and Development District were there to give contractors advice on getting started. Mayor billy Broomfield believes this event is bridging a gap, creating opportunities never seen before. He says, “Because for years, contractors have not been given the opportunity, whether they were small or large, to get a piece of this kind of contracting.”

While it was important for contractors to discover how to get started as well as find a job, they found other advantages at Thursday’s event as well. Derrick McMillian, an electrical contractor, says, “Yeah, you always get some good opportunities. Then just to be able to mingle and mix with some of the people, it’s a great thing. Then you get to meet new people.”

Moss Point officials tell News 25 this project will cut down on the cost of energy for the city while upgrading its city services.

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