Moss Point K9 Officer Buddy expected to make a full recovery

Moss Point Police K9 Officer Buddy is expected to make a full recovery.

Buddy was shot in the line of duty six weeks ago. The gunshot went straight through Buddy’s left side and collapsed both of his lungs.

He was treated in Mobile and went under immediate surgery, it was determined no vital organs were struck by the bullet.

Since the shooting, Buddy’s been home recovering. For the first time yesterday, he returned to duty.

K9 bullet proof vests have been donated to protect the four-legged officers while on duty. Moss Point Patrol Officer and K9 Handler Robbie O’Bryant said, “I have no doubt he’ll be 100 percent. Like I said yesterday, he was ready to go. He was anxious. He was happy. For the first time in six weeks, he saw me grab his collar and he was ready to get up and go to work. There’s been a ton of outreach from different interest groups and programs that offering to purchase vests for not only K9 Buddy but K9 Sniper.”

Next week, Buddy is headed to one last training before he returns to the force full time.

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