Moss Point High Girls Powerlifting Team State Champions

The Moss Point High School girls powerlifting team raised the bar in athletics, winning the state championship only two years after forming.
Earlier this morning, the team officially put their championship rings on during a ceremony celebrating their victory. The girls were named the 4A state champs back in April.
Head coach Kyle Mickelson credits their hard work and dedication for their victory. 5 a.m. workouts five days a week proved to help. The champs also lift the books and do well in class. Coach Mickelson said, “All of my girls have a 3.7 GPA or higher. They have no write-ups, they have no disciplinary infractions. They’re dedicated. There’s no issues with them on the team with each other. They set the bar so high and they hit that bar.”
This is the first championship the high school has earned in 16 years. The last time Moss Point High earned a state ring was in 2000 for football.

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