Moss Point Board of Aldermen Meeting

The Moss Point Board of Aldermen gathered at city hall to vote on the city’s budget proposal among other things concerning the Moss Point Fire Department.

A decent crowd of Moss Point residents showed up at city hall to hear the verdict about the possible 5.42 millage increase in tax rates. Turns out the board of aldermen voted for no immediate increase in taxes. Moss Point resident Roderick Ruffin said, “We can’t afford another tax increase. No one can afford it. I’m glad the board did the right thing tonight. They passed the budget, no tax increases. It helps our elderly out; that was my biggest concern.”

According to Moss Point Alderman at Large David Chapman, the tax increase was a major concern for locals. He listened to the residents and wanted to find a better option to resolve the city’s shortfall. “We do need to examine every option available to us prior to increasing that tax burden on our tax payers.”

Other concerns about the budget will be discussed at a later meeting, a meeting some locals plan to pitch other ways to help with the proposal especially when it comes down to helping the elderly residents. Moss Point resident Mena Martin said, “A lot of elderly people do own homes that cost over $75,000 and they are barely paying the little taxes that they are paying.”

As far as the fire department is concerned, the meeting was adjourned before they could read off a letter signed by members of the department, stating their concerns regarding the position of Moss Point Fire Chief Tommy Posey due to the fact Moss Point Mayor Mario King was not able to attend the meeting and would rather discuss the situation in person.

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