Mosquito Control ramps up efforts in Harrison County

The hot and rainy season has begun and it really bites. As summer temperatures and flood waters rise, so does the mosquito count on the Coast.

Harrison County Mosquito Control has ramped up their efforts since Tropical Storm Cristobal, fogging five nights a week.

This year, they’ve added new equipment such as a side-by-side utility vehicle and a drone to treat larvae and fog those otherwise hard to reach low lying areas like railroad ditches.

Director Gene Fayard says due to recent weather conditions on the Coast, he expects the county to see even more mosquitoes. “Usually in years where we start out with a drought or with less rain, we usually have higher mosquito counts because they’ll lay the eggs in the ditches, in the mud, in places that’s dry, and they’ll stay dormant until the rain comes in and they’ll all hatch. The little storm we had come through, a lot of rain, a lot of flooding we had. We have a flood water mosquito. So, we’re going to get an abundance of mosquitoes now.”

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