More volunteers needed as Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum expands

As the Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum continues to expand the need for volunteers is even greater.

Around six months ago, Todd Young stopped by the museum on his aviation world tour and has become a life long volunteer. “I saw this civil aviation museum and I said civil aviation museum, you don’t normally see civil aviation museums. So, I said I need to make a point of coming to the little museum.”

The museum opened during the midst of the pandemic in 2020. It was built to honor John C. Robinson and those in the state of Mississippi whose influence had contributed significantly to the field of aviation. Young said, “I was blown away. The museum had only been open for a few months than and I was just blown away at the labor of love that went into this museum.”

Young was so impressed by the museum and the dedication, he found himself a place to stay and started volunteering, helping build things around the facility. “I have been here ever since.”

In just one year of being open, the museum has been able to add a STEM center for kids, simulators, and library. “It’s about showing the kids that they can have a purpose.”

Executive Director Francisco Gonzalez says all the volunteers have made the museum a success, but with more people visiting the museum and donating artifacts, the need is greater for more volunteers. “It’s amazing how many people love this place and continue to come. Now as they continue to come and we get bigger, now we need more volunteers to continue to help us with the mission of showing the history of Mississippi aviation.”

For anyone interested in volunteering at the Mississippi Aviation Heritage Museum, visit the location or go to their website.

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