More than 1,000 volunteer to feed the needy

Over 1,000 volunteers served, packaged, and delivered Thanksgiving meals to families around the coast today. It’s all part of the 26th Annual Feed the Needy, one of the biggest charity events on the Gulf Coast.

Cedric Theodore and his daughter, Marissa, were among the first volunteers to show up at Lyman Community Center today to give their time and their hearts.

"I wanted to be here early so I could help and give my all today," says Cedric Theodore, who brought his daughter along to chip in.

"If you have something, it’s really nice to give back to those who don’t. And, I feel…like this is something you should do in a community, as a community, to help," agrees Marissa.

Serving is just one way to help. You can also contribute by packaging the meals, or go the extra mile and delivering them to the families in need.

Lt. Mike Shaw, of the Gulfport Police Department, is one of the organizers of the event, says the effort is needed on the Coast. "It’s everything from I’m on a fixed budget, I don’t have any family. Some of the folks are in wheelchairs, and they’re not able to go out and provide for themselves. So, it’s a very good-hearted thing, they’re very thankful."

Law enforcement and public safety agencies from Gulfport to Christian put on the program every year. More than 1,000 volunteers serve approximately 5,000 meals to those in need around the coast.

Volunteer, Zerita Day, summarizes the significance of the service in her own words. "And, so this is just Jesus using me like He probably using somebody else to do this just to bless somebody; just to make them happy. It makes me happy, gives me joy just to see the smile on their face."

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