More Money Requested for Tourism

Tourism is a large economic driver for the state, particularly here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
“Visit Mississippi”, the state tourism bureau, will be asking the state Legislature next year to increase their funding from the current $3 million to about $10 million.
State lawmakers recognize how vitally important tourism is and plan on doing what they can to put more money into promoting the Magnolia State. Speaker of the Mississippi House of Representatives Philip Gunn said, “I think we need to look more at that and see how many more dollars we can put there. The more people we can bring to our state, not only does it generate revenue for the state, but it highlights Mississippi. It shows people what a great thing we have here, especially, particularly on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, where tourism is so vitally important. I’d like to be able to put more there.”
Even if tourism gets increased funding, it’s not guaranteed to come back to the Coast. The money will go to promote the state as a whole, not just South Mississippi.

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