More bike lanes and crosswalks in the City of Biloxi

We have some good news for bicycle enthusiasts, the City of Biloxi has more bike lanes being built.

Bart Luther, owner of Biloxi Bicycle Works, gets asked constantly where can people ride their bike safely. On Monday, Luther sat down with city developers to get a plan started to make more bike lanes and crosswalks in the city.

Luther tells News 25 it is important to have safe cycling infrastructure, considering that bikes are some residents only transportation.

Division Street is the first street in Biloxi to have a brand new bike lane. “It is part of the mission of me opening the shop years ago. of course, I’ve been cycling on the Gulf Coast for years. Moved from other areas like Colorado that had a lot of cycling infrastructure and this was the one thing I think we’re missing, but we’re getting it now. The ball is rolling.”

Luther has been working on this project for a while and is excited to now have city officials involved.

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