Moose Lodge crawfish cook off

Tomorrow you can celebrate Cinco de Mayo the Gulf Coast way with hot crawfish and live music at the D’Iberville Moose Lodge’s third annual crawfish cook off.

If you haven’t gotten your fill during this year’s crawfish season, $20 will get you in the gate for all you can eat crawfish with well over a dozen teams going head to head in the cooking competition.

The cook off will take place at the club, located on 5145 West Gay Road in D’Iberville. Things should kick off at about 1 o’clock and wrap up at 5 when the winning team is announced. Frank Bellais with D’Iberville Moose Lodge said, “Once they start cooking, you’ll be given a tray and you can go around to each team and get crawfish from them. You can taste it and you can make up your own mind as to which one is the best one. They’ll get a trophy, bragging rights, definitely. The money we raise will go to support local charities. We have quite a few charities that we support.”

The lodge will also have live music for the event. If you plan on bringing someone along that isn’t a big fan of crawfish there will be hamburgers on the grill.

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