“Monsters Anonymous” Premiere Saturday in Waveland

The monsters are taking over Waveland this weekend. The Beacon Theater will host the red carpet premiere of “Monsters Anonymous.”
The Coast-shot and produced film follows a group of classic movie monsters in a therapy session looking for help because they are no longer scary.
Jeremy London of “Mallrats” and “Party of Five” fame, along with his brother Jason from “Dazed and Confused,” helped produce the film and will be on the red carpet.
The crew will hit the red carpet at 5:30 with the premiere at 6:10 on Saturday. This premiere wouldn’t have happened without everyone, from top to bottom, pitching in. “It was mostly people from the acting school, the London Arts Acting Studio. Everyone really pitched in and took a specific part in the puzzle and it all came together really well,” said London.
Producer Jason Edwards said, “There was really just an amazing community that came together. I wasn’t the only producer. There were several other people that came together and really made it happen. Not just the support of the local community, but the cast and crew were here for two overnight shoots. It was really taxing on everyone.”
For tickets visit Facebook.com/helpthemonsters.

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