More money allotted to build tram bridge for Mississippi Aquarium

Officials with the Mississippi Aquarium want to make sure people can come and go easily and safely… Once the facility is built.
This is why a tram bridge from Jones Park to the Gulfport Aquarium has been part of the plan since the inception of the massive project.
Yesterday, Governor Phil Bryant announced there would be even more funds allocated to make the proposed tram bridge a reality.
A grant for 7 million dollars through the Gulf of Mexico energy security act has been allotted for the tram bridge. The large over pass will not only allow pedestrians to make it across Highway 90 with no problem, but it will also allow hard wheeled trams to drive over the busy highway.
Sr. Vice President and COO of the Mississippi Aquarium Kurt Allen says, “There has been money appropriated prior to the design work and everyone has been waiting to make it happen because it really is a catalyst project for economic development. It really ties all these projects together though and being able to find the GOMESA money to finalize this project is absolutely a win for everybody coming to the coast.”
A total of 23 million dollars of projects in south Mississippi will also be funded through Gulf of Mexico Energy Security Act.

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