Moms in Prayer

This morning at Christian Collegiate Academy, a group of dedicated women began a journey that will last the whole school year.

For over a decade mothers, grandmothers, and aunts have been meeting at 7:45 every Friday morning to pray. They call their group ‘Moms in Prayer.’

They pray for their own children, faculty, and staff, safety, for academic and spiritual growth, for people that are ill or hurting, and so much more.

“Moms in Prayer” is not just at CCA, it is a global effort. The group has a chapter in every state and 140 different countries.

Each week, they have a different prayer sheet and focus on their prayers. Tonya Adams with ‘Moms in Prayer’ said, “If you’re a mom, I know your heart is for the best for your children and that’s why we meet. We love our kids and we know the best for them is to be covered in prayer. So, you know, all you need is one other mom. We have been involved in ‘Moms in Prayer’ for going on 10 years now and some days, some weeks, there is just me and one other mom, but that’s all it takes.”

Adams says you can join a chapter of ‘Moms in Prayer’ too. All you have to do is visit and select a group.

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