MLB still in talks over shortened season

Major League Baseball isn’t quite the next domino ready to fall, but things could be trending in that direction.

MLB and the Player’s Association are in their second week of negotiating terms to start a shortened season with the union reportedly having responded to the league’s safety proposal on Thursday.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the counter-proposal includes potential modifications to testing frequency, protections for high-risk players and their families, and sanitization protocols.

On the financial front, the league will propose that plan to the players on Tuesday per The Athletic.

Those moving parts will trickle down to the minor league level and of course our hometown Biloxi Shuckers. Biloxi Shuckers Media Relations and Broadcaster Garrett Greene said, “They need to find a way to play this year. They need to find a way to do that because when next season rolls around, if you don’t have guys pitching live speed, full action, hitters, going against guys, if you have a situation where you’re asking a guy to throw 120 innings in a year. Well, if he didn’t come close to doing that at game speed for an entire 18-month layoff, that’s just a recipe for injuries. And so I think in some form or capacity, they’re going to find a way to get playing because there’s a want to play, there’s a want to get it back out there for people to be able to see it and also, just a want to make sure that guys get that game speed action that’s so important.”

Green was talking about Major League Baseball and says Minor League Baseball is simply taking its directives from the top down.

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