MLB Opening Day with no baseball: All 30 stadiums empty due to COVID-19

Thursday was a Major League Baseball Opening Day like no other, an Opening Day with no baseball.

Those empty ball parks around the nation are making people around the nation feel even more empty on the inside.

No peanuts, no Cracker Jacks, no first pitch, no seventh inning stretch, no nothing. Everything that makes fans everywhere so romantic about baseball is still on pause due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

In a letter to fans, Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred called on optimism that is synonymous with Opening Day and determination and urged fans to follow the direction of public health experts and government officials.

In a recent interview, the commissioner says baseball will be back and the league is looking at a number of options on when and how the season will be played, but didn’t provide any specific dates on when the players will be back on the diamond.

Whether it’s May, June, July, or any month on the calendar, this Opening Day loss hits close to home for those in the Major League Baseball community. J.C Sanner with MLB Inside Edge Analytics and Statcasting said, “Yeah, this one definitely ranks superior to the others. Because at the end of the day if there’s a game being played and your team lost, it’s kind of like one of those things like tough break but we have 161 more of these to go. But here when you’re not even getting to see the finished products of your team out there, Opening Day rosters. And I think Opening Day is very unique to baseball so when that’s not there, again it’s kind of like something is missing. To me, it’s kind of like missing a friend. You’re used to coming home and watching sports and SportsCenter and seeing everything that’s going on and so when it’s not there, it’s just kind of like a part of you is missing from your everyday life.”

Sanner played his high school baseball at Oak Grove before going on to play at Pearl River Community College, Northwestern State, and William Carey.

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