Mississippi’s role in Moon to Mars Mission

NASA is trying to take humans to new heights and thanks to a new budget we could have people on Mars in the next few years.

As the old saying goes ‘you can’t get to the moon without going through Mississippi’ and yet again, the Magnolia State is playing a crucial role in deep space exploration. The next stop is establishing a permanent presence on the moon and then hopefully getting people to Mars. Stennis Space Center Deputy Director Randy Galloway said, “We are going to have human expansion to the moon, exploration of the moon and beyond.  We are not just going to put foot prints and flags.”

Stennis Space Center is nestled right here in South Mississippi and it plays an important role in this new space frontier. To get the rockets to the moon and then eventually to Mars, they have to go through testing at Stennis Space Center. “This is an agency that is about improving the human condition and getting new knowledge and getting new horizons for the human race to push out to in terms of aeronautics, science, exploration, all of the above.”

NASA officials say this is all possible thanks to a new budget with strong support from President Trump and his administration and that budget is about $183.5 billion. “All of this enables us as Americans to lead the world in exploration and in science and aeronautics and we are not going along, we are going together and we can go further and faster with partners.”

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