Mississippi tops list of ‘Worst Drivers in America’

For the second year in a row, Mississippi tops a nationwide study. Mississippi is laying claim to the title of the state with the worst drivers in America. This is according to a study and statistics gathered by the group Smart Asset.

Just over 76 percent of our state’s drivers are insured. This is the second lowest rate in the study.

Mississippians ranked eighth in the nation when it comes to searching on Google for information on driving-related tickets.

As far as fatalities go, 1.69 people die per 100 million vehicle miles driven which ties with Kentucky for the second highest rate in the study.

A bit of better news through is there are only 3.72 DUI incidents per 1,000 drivers.

Mississippi Highway Patrol troopers here on the Coast say there are ways we can rank a little higher in the future. Trooper Cal Robertson said, “We want drivers to pay attention to what’s in front of them. Put their cell phones down and pay attention to the roadway. Stay out of the left lane. We are going to be enforcing that pretty heavily with the Fourth of July weekend. Allow some distance between yourself and other vehicles, that’s the number one factor in rear-end collisions.”

Highway Patrol says if you want to keep up with all of they are enforcing and current traffic you can follow them on Twitter @MHPTroopK.

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