Mississippi state officials react to Supreme Court Ruling

Governor Tate Reeves says this is a ‘joyous day.’ He released a statement minutes after the decision regarding Roe v. Wade was announced, praising Supreme Court justices for the ruling.

But he warns, “the work is not over yet.”

Governor Reeves says, “The Pro-Life Movement must dedicate itself to ensuring mothers and their babies receive the support they both need during pregnancy and after. Mississippi’s objective was never simply to win a court case, it’s been to create a culture of life across the country.”

His statement goes on to say “our state seeks to be pro-life in every sense of the word, supporting mothers and children through policies of compassion and working to ensure that every baby has a forever family that loves them. Mississippi will work relentlessly to accomplish these goals and will continue to build a culture that supports mothers and children, valuing the inherent dignity of every individual. This is our new Pro-Life agenda.”

Mississippi Attorney General Lynn Fitch echoed those same sentiments, saying “the task now falls to us to advocate for laws that empower women and to renew our commitment to promoting a strong environment to raise children in Mississippi.”

“This is about more than the fundamentals about prenatal vitamins and diapers. It’s about helping to connect them to opportunities for education and job training to support them and their families. Always, it’s about love and respect for them through whatever struggles they face. This is what it means to both empower women and promote life. I am grateful to the court for this opportunity.”

Mississippi is one of 13 states with trigger laws banning abortions. In Mississippi, it takes effect ten days after the attorney general determines Roe has been overturned.

Bishops for the Catholic Diocese in Jackson and Biloxi issued a joint statement today, saying “Lady Justice heard the cry of the unborn child.”

The statement read in part: “Today, justice has not abandoned that unborn child and his or her capacity to feel pain, but there is still more work to be done. Together with many throughout our country, we join in prayer that states are now able to protect women and children from the injustice of abortion. The Catholic Church has had a vested interest in this matter, the dignity and sanctity of all human life.”

“The church will continue to accompany women and couples who are facing difficult or unexpected pregnancies and during the early years of parenthood, through initiatives such as Walking with Moms in Need.”

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