Mississippi State baseball looking ahead

On March 11th, the Mississippi State baseball team completed a two-game sweep of Texas Tech in the Inaugural Hancock Whitney Classic at MGM Park in Biloxi.

On March 12th, the NCAA canceled all remaining winter and spring championships due to the Coronavirus.

Hard to believe that was almost four weeks ago, considering the Bulldogs have already missed 16 games since the SEC canceled the rest of its spring calendar.

But with each passing day, the mindset starts to shift from “what could have been” to “what could be.”

At least, that’s the mindset of second year Head Coach Chris Lemonis who’s projecting a bright future for college baseball despite the looming challenges of roster size, scholarship increases, and recruiting. “We keep saying man, we have a chance to be really good and I always follow it up with I think everybody thinks they have a chance to be really good. So, you’re going to see college baseball at its highest level in this upcoming year and the way the draft hits everything, I think you’ll see more high school seniors going to a school. So, it’s going to be interesting and it’ll be very competitive and we’re already a very competitive league. It’ll be a lot of fun. I’m sure our fans will enjoy it.”

When the college baseball season came to a screeching halt, MSU was riding a five game winning streak with an overall record of 12-4. The Bulldogs end the campaign with young roster comprised of 13 freshmen, eight sophomores, ten juniors, and five seniors.

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