Mississippi Special Olympics

Randall Lankford and his brother John joined law enforcement for their run through Pascagoula.
Randall runs in honor of his brother who has Cerebral Palsy.
Today’s run spanned a total of 30 miles. Law enforcement agents passed the torch from one another as they dashed the coast. The run called for all the law enforcement agencies to come together as a team for a great cause.
“So all the agencies combined really come together to make it a team effort. We’re just honored to be able to participate. It’s great. It’s a good cause. We do it every year. We enjoy doing it every year. In fact, a lot of us look forward to it every year,” said Captain Jerry Cooksey.
“Yea, I mean you can look at them right now. I’m sizing them up here, but I got a secret weapon. I’m going to get in the truck if I start getting tired,” said Sheriff Mike Ezell.
The Flame of Hope arriving at Keesler marked the beginning of the 2015 Mississippi Special Olympics Summer Games.

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