Mississippi Rising Coalition reacts to pending state execution

Mississippi Rising Coalition is one of several at the capital today in opposition of tomorrow night’s execution of David Cox.

Cox is convicted of the 2010 kidnapping and murder of his wife and sexual assault of his 12-year-old step-daughter.

Mississippi Rising Coalition President and Founder Lea Campbell tells News 25 the upcoming execution came as a shock to many because it’s been nearly a decade since the state of Mississippi carried out an execution.

Campbell encourages residents to contact their representatives and Governor Tate Reeves to express their feelings on the death penalty.

Campbell says the coalition’s goal is to raise awareness as they fight for death penalty alternatives. “The resources that are used in the process of executing people and the appeals process for those folks on death row to go through the appeals process, those resources can be better spent supporting victims’ families and supporting a process that’s restorative and redemptive rather than one that perpetuates violence. Since 1973, 186 people on death row who were going to die at the hands of various states have been released from death row due to innocence. Though David Cox is not one of those cases of innocence, Mississippi resuming the death penalty leads us one step closer to the risk of executing an innocent person.”

Mississippi Rising Coalition will hold a vigil during tomorrow night’s execution.

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