Mississippi Primary Health Care Association Annual Conference

Hundreds of Mississippi Health Center officials gathered in Biloxi today discussing the past, present, and future of healthcare in our state.
Today kicked off the 2017 Mississippi Primary Health Care Association Conference going on all week at the Golden Nugget Casino. The conference features a variety of national and local speakers from the healthcare industry and over 37 sponsors and vendors.
Health care innovation will be a main focus, along with illness prevention through addressing the social determinants of health, oral and behavioral health services, and responding to changes in healthcare delivery in Mississippi while working out ways to help those not covered by insurance. Mississippi Primary Health Care Association CEO Janice Sherman said, “Community health centers actually provide care to folks regardless of ability to pay and so if you don’t have insurance, if you have insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, whatever pay source or no pay source at all, please look at the link and find a health care center near you so that you can get care.”
Visit MPHCA.com, click on the community health link, and enter your zip code to find a community health center near you.

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